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 Close-minded voters

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PostSubject: Close-minded voters   Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:50 am

Ugh! I've been noticing everywhere that alot of people(REPs) are saying they don't have a good feeling about obama, he has no morals etc. Hmph. I think they just have a stick up their ass and cant take someone different in office, boo hoo...Our economy is in serious trouble and its needs to changed NOW and I really do think Obama can make the change, he changed history by getting into office, I say if he can do that, he can reserve our many problems that we are already facing. What is it with REPS? No offense.. They seem to think they're always the higher class, the better one, the only one with morals, uh bull crap! thats not true at all! I'm a DEM and also have morals, I'm for CHOICE, which is why I'm for Obama and I'm for change and that's another reason I'm for Obama. I think Mccain is just another version of Bush. Bush is all about the war, he's about things that arent here personally, he's spent millions of dollars on the war in iraq and that has caused some major problems here, he refuses to tend to the smaller problems that affect us here and he puts them off until the last minute or just doesnt deal with them and only deals with them when it becomes serious. To me, I'm FOR the troops, I am not for the war, I'm very patriotic and care deeply about the troops and their families and want them to come home safely but bush, mccain is all about keeping them over there for years at a time, it's like hello, they got families, you have other people to think about, other jobs to think about, the economy to think about....In my personal opinion, I believe that bush and mccain stick their noses in certain things that should be NONE of their buisness(Abortion etc). I'd never do that but to me, it's the girl's body and no one, not even the president should butt in on MY life or any other girl's for that matter...

Sorry. It just frustrates me how so many people are so close-minded and just lie and Obama has no morals, oh he has morals, I like him...I just wish others would stop spreading such garbage about our next president.
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PostSubject: Re: Close-minded voters   Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:54 pm

heyyy, would you mind posting this under Election 2008? Thanks..
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Close-minded voters
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