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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 Haunted's Two Minute Replay

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PostSubject: Haunted's Two Minute Replay   Sun Jan 25, 2009 12:31 am

I was just on and the two minute replay for Haunted is the fifth highest rated from this season. Oh Brother, Separation Anxiety, Heal Thyself and Life After Death are rated higher. Love Is a Battlefield is the lowest rated of all of them. Only Life After Death has more votes than Haunted.

Here's the link to it:
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PostSubject: Re: Haunted's Two Minute Replay   Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:00 pm

I just gave it 5 * even though I cant see it cause of my location...
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Haunted's Two Minute Replay
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