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 My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING

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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:36 pm

ďA CHANCE MEETINGĒ (a Reela fan fic)
NOTE: The characters in this story are the property of NBC/Warner Bros. and not the author. The viewpoints expressed in this story are that of the authorís and not NBC/Warner Bros.

Neela and Wendy (Dr. P) fly to Baton Rouge, LA to attend an orthopedic conference. The MC for the event is Dr. William Camden who gives a lecture on an advanced surgical procedure for individuals with prosthetic limbs. The procedure involves implanting electrodes into the brain as well as the prosthetics themselves. The electrodes transmit electrical impulses from the brain to the prosthetics in hopes of simulating as much as possible normal brain/limb communication. Dr. Camden also takes the group on a tour of the orthopedic wing at Baton Rouge Memorial hospital. After the tour is completed, Dr. Camden and the surgeons take one of the elevators down to the main lobby. Just as Neela steps into the elevator and the doors close the neighboring elevator opens and Ray steps out. He is at the hospital for his physical therapy session.

The following day, as the conference comes to a close, Wendy suggests that Neela and she spend their last night in Baton Rouge, painting the town red. Though Neela is tired from going non-stop over the past two days, she agrees it would be a shame to leave and not have had seen some of the sights. After browsing through the various downtown shops, Wendy and Neela end up at a local hot spot where the aroma of old-fashioned Cajun cooking and the pulsating rhythm of a local Zydeco band catch their attention. As they feast upon spicy jambalaya and sip potent margaritas, Wendy and Neela discuss the conference.

NEELA: Dr. Camden is a really engaging speaker.
WENDY: Yeah the doctor sure knows his stuff. Iíd heard a little about that advanced prosthetic procedure but it was interesting to hear just what was all involved.
NEELA: I know what you mean. (pauses as she becomes lost in thought)
WENDY: What?
NEELA: Hmm? Oh, nothing.
WENDY: What is it?
NEELA: Well, itís just that I know of someone whoíd benefit from such a procedure.
WENDY: Really? Who?
NEELA: You donít know him. It really doesnít matter anyway. (changing the subject) I donít know about you but I canít eat another bite.
WENDY: Yeah Iím with you there. Iím going to have to spend another two hours on the treadmill when we get back to Chicago.
NEELA: Or you can just burn it off out on the ice.
WENDY: True. You know youíre getting pretty good out there.
NEELA: Thanks. It has been a lot of fun.
WENDY: Everyone on the ortho team is impressed by how well youíre doing. Youíre a regular overachiever Rasgotra. It makes me sick. (laughs)
NEELA: (laughs) Sorry. Itís a habit of mine.
WENDY: Yeah well Grossman is seriously considering recommending that you become a permanent member of the team. Thatís if you choose Orthopedics as your specialty down the road.
NEELA: Wow. Iím honored. I do admit Iím enjoying this rotation. Orthopedics has definitely been challenging and I always love a good challenge. Just the same I also love trauma surgery. Then of course thereís the mother of all specialtiesÖcardio thoracic. I guess I have a lot of serious thinking to do.
WENDY: Well youíve got some time yet. Tonight though I hear the calypso rhythm calling us to dance. (motions to the dance floor) What do you say? Are you game Rasgotra?
NEELA: Sure why not.
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:37 pm

The ladies venture out onto the dance floor that is already packed. Over at the bar, Ray is straddling a bar stool as he chats with his cousins Jason, Shelby and her husband Rick who owns the place.

JASON: (sitting next to Ray) Ok, ok Rick; Iíll give you that one this time but you have to admit my idea was much better than Shelbyís.
SHELBY: (behind the bar serving a drink to a customer) Be very careful how you answer that one honey (puts her arm around her husband behind the bar); you donít want to end up sleeping with the dogs tonight do you?
RICK: Hey Jason, remember how I told you that youíre welcome here anytime?
JASON: (smiles) Yeah?
RICK: Yeah I take that back.
JASON: (laughs and shakes his head) Ah man; you are so whipped. See thatís why I donít make a point of getting tied down to just one woman. I like to keep my options open.
RAY: Oh you may get tied down to a woman but thatís literally speaking not figuratively.
SHELBY: (laughs) Oh bro you just got burned; big time.
RICK: Nice one Ray (high fives with Ray)
RAY: (smirks) Hey what can I say?
JASON: Yeah well you can just pipe down over there Ray. Your job is to be my wing man.
SHELBY: (to Ray) He better be paying you for your services Ray; thatís all Iím saying.
RAY: (smiles) I could use the extra cash.
JASON: Heh, Iím letting this guy crash at my place for free, so heís not getting squat.
RAY: Yeah well thatís only until my momís house is done being painted. Those fumes really give me a headache.
SHELBY: And living with my annoying little brother hasnít yet?
JASON: Oh ha-ha that was so funny sis that I forgot to laugh.
SHEBLY: Ah Jason you know I love you (ruffles his hair)
JASON: Hey watch the hair woman.
RAY: Yeah Don Juan here needs to look studley for the ladies.
JASON: Hey at least Iím putting myself out there unlike someone else I know. Whatís up with you man? Ever since you came back here, youíve been like a social hermit. Whatís that all about?
RAY: Well Iíve sort of been busy these past several months. You know with the whole learning how to walk again thing. Excuse me if I havenít exactly had the time to go trolling for chicks 24/7.
JASON: Youíve had the time my friend. Youíve just chosen to be celibate for some insane reason. Now if youíll all excuse me, I see a very fine little mama winking at me at the end of the bar.
RAY: You sure she doesnít just have a nervous eye twitch? (smirks)
RICK: Two for two man. (high fives with Ray)
JASON: Hey at least I know Iíll be getting some tonight. Can you say that Ray? Yeah I didnít think so.
SHELBY: I wouldnít be so confident bro. She hasnít met you yet. (laughs)
JASON: Just watch and learn from the master. (walks away)
RAY: (watches Jason walk away) I do have to give the guy some credit. Heís persistent
RICK: True; which is more than I can say for you Ray.
RAY: Hey would you give a guy a break Rick.
SHELBY: Yeah honey, leave him alone. Iím glad to see Rayís player days are behind him; unlike some other man-child Iím related to (gestures to the end of the bar where Jason is cozying up to a buxom red-head).
RAY: (to Rick) See at least someone has my back.
RICK: (rolls his eyes) Whatever.

Rick walks away to attend to some ladies dressed up for a bachelorette party.

SHELBY: As much as I hate to agree with my dopey brother he sort of has a point Ray.
RAY: Hey I thought you were on my side.
SHELBY: Ray you know I love you like a little brother. I just want you to be happy.
RAY: Well despite what you may all think, Iím doing just fine.
SHELBY: You havenít been out on a date since before your accident Ray
RAY: So? Thereís something to be said for solitude. Itís sort of liberating.
SHELBY: Look I know you can be rough around the edges but deep down youíre a decent guy Ray. How a good woman hasnít snatched you up by now is beyond me.
RAY: Well that may be because Iíve always made a point of keeping my relationships casual with no strings attached.
SHELBY: Well donít you think itís time to change that? I mean do you really want to end up like my commitment-phobic brother over there; a 37 year old whoís never had a girlfriend for more than two weeks?
RAY: Iíll admit there was a time not too long ago that Iíd seriously considered the whole commitment thing. Unfortunately it ended up painfully blowing up in my face. Besides look what my parents went through. I think I just have to accept the fact that Iíve been genetically predisposed to suck at relationships period; end of story.
SHELBY: Is this because of your legs?
RAY: Thatís part of it. I mean prosthetics can be a real mood killer.
SHELBY: Who was she Ray? Was it that Katy; the one who sent you the care package last summer?
RAY: (laughs) No Katie was the woman I dated to try and make the other woman jealous.
SHELBY: Oh geez Ray.
RAY: I know it was an immature thing to do but I was desperate at the time. That was one of many signs that it wasnít meant to be that yours truly chose to ignore.
SHELBY: Did you ever tell this other woman how you felt about her?
RAY: The timing was never right. There was always something or someone getting in the way. When I finally got the nerve to make my move, she got cold feet. Even when I told her that I loved her, it was too late. The damage had already been done.
SHELBY: Did she tell you that she didnít feel the same?
RAY: It was more what she didnít say that spoke volumes and finally woke me up to the truth.
SHELBY: And what was that?
RAY: That I was a fool to ever think that a classy woman like her could ever love a man like me.
SHEBLY: Hey donít say that. Sheíd be lucky to have you.
RAY: Whatever. Look I donít want to talk about it anymore Shel.
SHEBLY: Fine but donít think this discussion is over by a long shot mister.
RAY: (rolls his eyes) Great (puts some cash on the bar). Well Iím out of here. Romeo over there can find another way home if he doesnít score tonight.
SHELBY: Donít go Ray. The nightís still young and there are a lot of lovely ladies here whoíve yet to experience the Ray Barnet charm.
RAY: Ok you can get your head out of my butt anytime Shelby.
SHELBY: Donít be a smartass Ray. Come on!
RAY: I donít know.
SHELBY: Hey, I have a vacant slot to fill for Open Mic tonight anyway. Youíd be doing your favorite cousin a huge favor.
RAY: I donít have my guitar with me.
SHELBY: So? You can borrow one from the house band; they wonít mind. (sees Rayís hesitation) Iíll pay you?
RAY: (rolls his eyes) You donít have to pay me Shelby. If it will get you off my back, Iíll do it.
SHELBY: Thank you, thank you, thank you (grabs his face and plants several kisses on his cheek)
RAY: (laughs) Ok, ok; stop it before people get the wrong impression.
SHELBY: Great. Youíre on in 15.
RAY: Damn you donít give a guy much prep time do you?
SHELBY: (big smile) Thatís show biz baby.

Ray shakes his head and laughs as he makes his way back stage to get ready.
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:40 pm

Back at the tableÖ

WENDY: Whew, I havenít danced this much since high school. Iím definitely going to feel it big time tomorrow. NEELA: (laughs) I know what you mean.
WENDY: (sees an advertising tent on the table) Hey cool, theyíre having an open mic night tonight. (gesturing towards the stage) That must be the first act setting up now.
NEELA: Lovely. Hey I need to use the ladies room. Iíll be right back.
WENDY: Okay-dokay. Did you want anything from the bar?
NEELA: Ah yeah, a beer would be great. Thanks.

By the time Neela makes it through the long line and is exiting the restroom, the second act is already performing. Neela makes her way through the congested crowd and finally reaches the table.

WENDY: Dang, I thought youíd fallen in. Long line?
NEELA: Thatís an understatement. (sits down) God this place is so bloody packed. I canít even see whoís performing up there.
WENDY: At least you can still hear him though and boy can that dude rock. I love his voice. It has a smokey; rough quality to it. Itís sexy.
NEELA: Arenít you engaged or something?
WENDY: So? Itís not cheating if you just fantasize about a face-less man.
NEELA: (laughs) I guess youíre right. You know itís funny but that guyís voice sounds familiar to me for some reason.
WENDY: Ooh a mystery man.
NEELA: (rolls her eyes) Please.

The song finishes and applause erupt from the crowd. A group of people start chanting for an encore. Wendy joins in. The crowd becomes even crazier as more party goers ambush the dance floor next to the stage.

WENDY: You know I think the only way weíre going to get a glimpse of this guy is to try and squeeze our way up to the front.
NEELA: Yeah if you want to risk getting trampled on. No thank you.
WENDY: Come on Rasgotra. Live dangerously.
NEELA: (smiles and rolls her eyes) Iíll sit this one out if you donít mind but hey good luck with that.
WENDY: Fine be a party pooper.

Neela sits back and drinks her beer as she watches Wendy gets lost in a sea of bodies. Soon after the encore number begins, Neela stops midway through taking a sip of her beer. She is trying to remember where sheís heard that song before and then it hits her. Itís the song Ray had composed for her almost a year ago. How could someone else be singing that song though? A light bulb goes off in her head and Neela finds her self springing up from her chair as she rushes towards the stage. As Neela attempts to shove her way through the lively crowd, her mind flashes back to the night Ray had given her the cd. Neela ends up in a claustrophobic standstill as she is unable to move any closer. She tries to jump up to see if she can see anything but sheís too short and sheís afraid of twisting her ankle in the skimpy sandals sheís wearing. Neela finally gives up trying and just stands there listening to the rest of the song. Her mind travels back in time yet again; as memories of Ray and her come flooding back. Neela is brought out of her daydream moments later by the crowdís applauses and screams. Neela realizes the song is over and as the crowd starts to move she once again tries to make her way to the stage. By the time she finally makes her way up front, she sees the next performer is beginning to set up. Neela is left feeling disappointed but tries to shrug it off telling herself that it probably wasnít him anyway. Wendy comes up from behind her.

WENDY: There you are Neela. I went back to the table and you werenít there. I thought you might have gotten swallowed up by the crowd. (laughs)
NEELA: I almost did there a couple of times. I decided to try and get closer to the stage to see who was singing but apparently Iím was too late. Were you able to see him at least?
WENDY: Negative but I did get felt up by this one bohemian-looking dude; so that was interesting to say the very the least.
NEELA: (laughs) Ooh sorry.
WENDY: No big deal. I think we lost our table and Iím thirsty. Do you want to go to the bar and get a drink?
NEELA: Sure; letís go.
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:40 pm

Neela and Wendy make their way over to the bar. They find an empty spot somewhere in the middle as they stand and wait to be served.

WENDY: (hands Neela some cash) Hereís some money. Iíd like a rum and diet coke. Have whatever you want; my treat. If I donít get to the bathroom soon, Iím going to wet my pants.
NEELA: (laughs and takes the money) Well go then; I mean there not here.

Wendy runs off to the ladies room as Neela flags down a bartender and orders their drinks. Meanwhile Ray is somewhere amongst the crowd being congratulated by his cousin Jason.

JASON: (pats Ray on the back and hi-fives him) Hey man that was awesome. The crowd was going ballistic. Iím telling you Ray if you donít end up going back to the whole doctor/medicine thing, you could have a career in music.
RAY: Thanks man but the touring alone would be a killer trying to run around the stage on these babies (points down to his legs) night after night.
JASON: (turns around to see a group of women waving and calling to him) Hey ladies, Iíll be right over.
RAY: (smiles and raises eyebrows) You now have a harem I see. Youíre a fast mover Jay.
JASON: Hey thereís plenty of Jasonís loving to go around.
RAY: Oh God, I think I just threw up in my mouth.
JASON: Hey I could set you up with one?
RAY: Thanks man, but I think Iíll pass this time around.
JASON: Suit yourself. (the women call his name again) Well I canít keep my adoring fans waiting. (pats Ray on the arm and winks) Donít wait up.

Jason struts over to the group of women as they all head on over to sit in a corner booth. Ray laughs and shakes his head as he heads over to the bar. Over at the bar, Neela is waiting impatiently. The bartender finally makes his way over with their drinks as Neela hands him the money. Neela picks up the two drinks but before she can turn around, she gets bumped from behind. Some of the alcohol spills onto the bar and her outfit. Neela is irritated as she sets the drinks back down and turns sharply around.

NEELA: Heh look what you bloody did!

Neela bumps head on into an unsuspecting Ray who expresses his apologies just as he realizes who it is. They both stand gaping in shock at each other; neither able to utter a word. Before either can speak, Ray is pushed from behind and he accidentally trips into Neela but she catches him before he falls.

NEELA: Oh my God Ray are you alight?
RAY: (catching his balance) Yeah Iím fine.

Realizing that she is still holding on to Rayís arms, Neela quickly releases her grip; both staring at each other at a loss of what to say. Neela finally breaks the silence.

RAY: Hey.
NEELA (swallows deeply) Look Ray IÖ
Sheís startled by a loud clatter of some glasses crashing to the floor. Both turn to see where the noise came from. They slowly turn back to each other.
NEELA: Ray I ahÖ.ah. This may be a stupid question but did you happen to perform on stage here at all tonight?
RAY: Yes.
NEELA: Ok so I wasnít imagining things then.
RAY: What are you doing here Neela?
NEELA: I could ask you the same thing?
RAY: I live in Baton Rouge now. Remember?
NEELA: (embarrassed) Yes of course; God how stupid of me. I guess Iím just surprised to see you here is all.
RAY: Well that makes two of us. Why are you in Baton Rouge?
NEELA: (nervously) What Iím not allowed to visit Baton Rouge?
RAY: Neela, I havenít heard from you in what seven months and now just out of the blue youíre here?
NEELA: Well actually I came down here for an orthopedic conference.
RAY: Orthopedic? What happened to Trauma?
NEELA: Iím doing an Ortho rotation this term.
RAY: I see.
NEELA: Look is there somewhere quieter we can go to talk?

Before Ray can respond, Wendy comes up behind Neela.

WENDY: Geez that line in the ladies room felt like it was reaching to China. (sees Neela is not alone) Oh, hey. Iím sorry did I interrupt something?
NEELA: Wendy this is Ray. Ray this is Wendy. Sheís a fellow orthopedic surgeon at County.
WENDY: (big smile) Well hello there. Nice to meet you. (extends her hand to Ray)
RAY: (accepts her hand) Hi. Likewise. Look I should get going. It was good seeing you Neela. Wendy; a pleasure. (starts to leave)
NEELA: Wait Ray. Donít go (starts to go after him and then remembers Wendy) Wendy can you take our drinks and try to find a table? Iíll be right back. (heads off to catch up with Ray). Ray hold up!
WENDY: (smiling as she watches Neela) Donít hurry back on my account. You go girl.

Neela sees Ray head towards back stage. In her attempt to catch up to him, she slips and falls; in the process busting off one of her heals. Ray turns around and sees Neela on the floor. He immediately walks over to where she is.

NEELA: Bullocks! Bloody damn shoes!
RAY: (reaching to help her up) Hey are you ok?
NEELA: Iím fine. Obviously not very graceful though.

Neela grabs on to Rayís hand as he pulls her up.

NEELA: (embarrassed) I feel like such a wanker.
RAY: Well the floors here can get pretty treacherous. Look why donít we sit down over there. I can check your ankle; make sure you didnít sprain it.

Neela sits down and Ray sits opposite her as he lifts her foot onto his lap and slips off her sandal. Neela stares at Ray as he intently examines her ankle. Rayís gentle caress causes a wave of pleasure to pulsate up her leg and as a result she shivers. Ray looks up at Neela.

RAY: Are you ok? Did I hurt you?
NEELA: (stutters slightly) What? Oh, noÖno. Iím fine.

They stare at each other for a moment and then Ray puts the sandal back on and places Neelaís foot back on the floor.

RAY: Well itís not sprained. You could have broken your neck though walking around in those ridiculously high heals.
NEELA: Hey Iíll have you know I paid good money for these shoes. Besides Iím short. I need all the help I can get.
RAY: Yeah well you should be more careful in the future. (stands up and offers his hand to help Neela up) You should probably get back to your friend. Sheíll think you abandoned her. I have to get going anyway.
NEELA: Ray, wait a minute. We havenít talked in so long.
RAY: Oh so now you have time to talk huh?
NEELA: (sighs) Ray Iím sorry. I meant to keep in touch. Itís just with the mentorship, the extra shifts, and now with this ortho rotation, things have just been so crazy at work.
RAY: Look Neela you donít have to explain. Besides itís not like we had a whole lot talk about anyway. Small talk has never been my forte. (starts to walk back to the bar as Neela grabs on to his arm)
NEELA: Ray please, donít walk away. Look Iíll tell Wendy that Iíll meet her back at the hotel later and we can go get coffee somewhere and talk. (sighs) Iíve missed you Ray. I didnít realize just how much until I saw you again tonight.
RAY: (rolls his eyes) Donít patronize me Neela.
NEELA: (frowns) What you are talking about?
RAY: Look just forget it. Have a safe flight back to Chicago (walks away)
NEELA: Ray! Wait! Please stop!
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:40 pm

She tries to catch up with him but loses him in the crowd. She stops and spans the room trying to see if she can find him. Wendy walks up.

WENDY: Hey girl. You lost? Whereís the hottie you were with?
NEELA: (startled) What? Oh hi Wendy. No Iím not lost but I did lose Ray. (continues to look around)
WENDY: Ah thatís too bad. That guy was damn fine if I do say so myself. Is he an old boyfriend?
NEELA: Not exactly. We used to work together at County.
WENDY: He worked at County? Which department?
NEELA: Emergency medicine. Dammit where could he have bloody gone?
WENDY: Well the joint is pretty big. Did you want help looking for him?
NEELA: No thatís alright. I broke my damn heal on these stupid shoes.
WENDY: Look why donít we split; get a cab to the hotel. Youíre obviously in no condition to walk back.

Once outside, Wendy tries to hail down a cab but the streets are as much a zoo as the bar was.

WENDY: Man this is ridiculous. Whereís the EL when you need it.
NEELA: Look weíll be here forever; letís just walk back to the hotel.
WENDY: Are you sure?
NEELA: Yeah Iím fine; really. Letís go.
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:41 pm

As the two ladies head towards their hotel, the wind starts to pick up as rain starts to lightly fall. Not long after, they hear a honking noise behind them. They turn around and thereís Ray driving a van.

RAY: You ladies need a ride?
WENDY: Oh Prince Charming saves the day!
NEELA: (walks up to the van frowning) Ray why did you walk out on me like that back there?
RAY: Look Neela itís starting to rain and Iím holding up traffic here. Do you want a ride back to your hotel or not?
WENDY: Yes she does (grabs Neelaís arm). Come on Neela.
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING Empty
PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:42 pm

Neela is sitting up front next to Ray and Wendy is in the back seat. For a few moments, no one speaks. Then Wendy breaks the silence.

WENDY: I must say this is a mighty spiffy van youíve got here Ray.
RAY: (looks in the rear view mirror) Thanks. Itís all I could get due to the circumstances.
WENDY: What circumstances?
RAY: I have two prosthetic legs. I needed a vehicle with hand-controls.
WENDY: Really? I had no idea. What happened, if itís ok to ask?
RAY: I got ran over by a truck almost a year ago
WENDY: Damn. Well if it means anything, you look to be getting around pretty good in such a short period of time.
RAY: Thanks. Iím definitely better off than I was when I first came down here.
WENDY: Heh Neela mentioned you used to work at County in the emergency room.
RAY: Yeah I was a third year resident. Of course I had to leave the program after the accident.
WENDY; Any chance youíll be able to come back?
RAY: I havenít been given the green-light from my physician yet, so I honestly donít know what the future holds for me career-wise.
WENDY: You know Neela and I just finished up two day ortho conference here. It was mcíd by a Dr. Camden whoís developed this advanced surgical procedure for prosthetic patients.
RAY: You mean the one using electrodes?
WENDY: Yes; you know about it?
RAY: Yeah. Dr. Camdenís my physician. Iím actually scheduled to have the procedure done in couple of weeks.
NEELA: Ray thatís excellent! That procedure is supposed to greatly increase oneís mobility. You could come back to County that much sooner then.
RAY: Now letís not get ahead of ourselves Neela. There are no guarantees that this procedureís going to make me any more mobile than I am right now. Itís still in the experimental stages. You could say Iím one of the guinea pigs.
WENDY: Well I hope it all works out for you Ray.
RAY: Thanks Wendy.
NEELA: (look of concern) I donít understand. Donít you want to come back to County Ray?
RAY: Itís not a matter of whether or not I want to return to County Neela. Itís more to do with whether or not Iíll be able to work at the full capacity I used to before the accident. Besides, the program has already started for this term anyway.
NEELA: The next one starts in late spring. You can reapply then.
RAY: Look Neela, I donít want to talk about this right now. Weíre at your hotel anyway.

Ray stops a foot from the curb. Wendy hops out the back and walks over to Rayís side of the van. She extends her hand to him as she holds her purse over head. The rain is coming down harder at this point.

WENDY: Hey thanks Ray for the ride. You were a life-saver. Maybe Iíll see you at County in the near future.
RAY: Maybe. You better get inside before you get drenched.
WENDY: Right. See ya.

Wendy runs to the front entrance of the hotel as Ray watches. Neela is still in the van looking at Ray; the only sound is the swish of the windshield wipers. Ray turns around to look at Neela.

RAY: Well weíre here. Howís your foot? Do you need help getting out of the van?
NEELA: (frowning at his indifferent tone) No. I can manage just fine thank you.

Neela steps out of the van. Ray winces at Neela slams the door. She limps slightly due to the broken heal as she makes her way around to the other side of the van. Ray is watching her to make sure she makes it up on the curb ok. Neela stops just shy of the curb and turns around. She walks back to the van as her hair becomes drenched in the downpour.

NEELA: Ray why donít you come up for a bit. We didnít get to talk much back at the bar.
RAY: I donít think thatís such a good idea Neela. Iím pretty tired and you have an early flight tomorrow Iíd assume.
NEELA (frowning) Yes I guess youíre right. (starting to get choked up) Will I ever see you again?
RAY: (trying to hide the emotion in his voice) I donít know Neela.
NEELA: I just donít want to leave things like this you know?
RAY: I know Neela but itís probably for the best anyway. I mean I think all that was needed to be said was said last spring.
NEELA: (tears welling up in her eyes) Do you really believe that Ray?
RAY: (swallows hard) Look Neela I need to go.
NEELA: (lowers her head; frowning as she fights back the tears) Fine. Go.

Neela turns around and starts to walk towards the curb when she slips on the rain-slick street and her other heal gets stuck in a storm drain; she tumbles to the pavement. Ray gets out of his van immediately and as quickly as possible rushes over to Neela.

RAY: (worried voice) Neela! Are you ok?

Ray grabs on to Neelaís arms as he tries to help her to her feet. Shortly after getting to her feet she stumbles forward into Ray and he wraps his arms around her waist to keep her from falling again. As the rain is pouring down, they stare at each other for a moment; Rayís arms still around her waist and her hands resting on his chest for support. Neither says a word. Looking deeply into Rayís eyes, Neela flashes back to the night of their first kiss. As once hidden feelings finally rise to the surface Neela spontaneously wraps her arms around Rayís neck; kissing him with such passion it takes Ray off guard. Though tense at first, Ray finally gives in to the heat that is emanating between them; his hands sensually caressing Neelaís back. As the kiss intensifies their tongues hungrily seek each other out in a tangled web of desire. After a while Rayís and Neelaís romantic union is interrupted by a man yelling.

MAN: Hey buddy! Move your damn van! You canít park here!

Ray and Neela pull apart. Both are breathing heavily; neither able to speak. The man yells at Ray again to move his van or heíll have it towed.

RAY: Ah NeelaÖI have to go.

Ray walks to his van and gets in. He briefly looks back at Neela as he pulls away. Neela is left standing on the sidewalk in shock over what just transpired between them; the warm vibrations of Rayís body still lingering on her skin. Wendy, who had been watching the whole thing enfold from just inside the hotel doors, immediately runs outside to where Neela is standing.

WENDY: Whoa Neela. UmÖare you ok? Neela?
NEELA: (mumbling) I donít know.
WENDY: Look itís really coming down out here. Why donít we go inside and head up to our room. Ok?
NEELA: (still watching Rayís van as it disappears into the heavy traffic) Yeah. Ok.
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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:42 pm

The next morning, as their plane is about to take off, Neela is staring out the window at the other planes; lost in thought.

Meanwhile, Ray is sitting at his cousin Jasonís kitchen table drinking coffee as he stares off into space. Jason comes out of his bedroom; clad in only pajama bottoms.

JASON: (still half asleep and yawning) Hey man, what time is it? (walks over to the coffee pot to help him self to a cup)
RAY: Itís just after 8.
JASON: (sitting down next to Ray) You look like shit man. When did you get in this morning?
RAY: I donít know; about 5 I guess.
JASON: (finally waking up) 5? When did you leave the bar? Veronica and I left about 1:30.
RAY: Not long after. (sips his coffee)
JASON: And you just got in at 5? What were you doing in between? (perks up a bit) Hey did Jennifer end up catching up with you?
RAY: What are you talking about Jay? Whoís Jennifer?
JASON: She was a part of my ďharemĒ as you called it and she thought you were hot. She was thinking about hooking up with you and inviting you back to her place.
RAY: Well no; I didnít meet up with any Jennifer.
JASON: Ok; well then whoíd you meet up with then?
RAY (in a tense voice) No one ok? Geez man.
JASON: (stands up and goes to put his empty coffee cup in the sink) Hey donít bite my head off Ray; I was just wondering where you went. Man you obviously did not get much sleep.
RAY: I couldnít sleep when I left the bar so I just drove around.
JASON: For three hours? You ok man? Please donít tell me itís nothing either because thatís bullshit.
RAY: I donít want to talk about it.
JASON: (rests again the counter) Hey I donít mean to keep harping on you man but youíre really beginning to worry me. You used to be this fun guy who could party to all hours of the morning and snag just about any woman he met. What the hell happened to you?
RAY: I donít know Jason maybe I grew up ;( mumbles) unlike someone else I know.
JASON: Hey donít take your crappy mood out on me man. So Iím not pinned down with a wife and five kids; so what? I like being single and I donít see how there is anything wrong with that.
RAY: There isnít.
JASON: Well then stop giving me shit about it then.
RAY: Oh you mean the way you keeping giving me shit because Iím not a player anymore? Iím 30 years old for Godís sake.
JASON: Thereís a lot more going on here than just you hitting 30. (pauses) Itís a woman isnít it? Who dumped you man? Who broke your heart?
RAY: What part of I donít want to talk about it do you not understand Jay? Give me a damn break will you? (gets up and walks over with his coffee to look out the back window).
JASON: (walks over by Ray and puts his hand on his shoulder) Hey man Iím not going to let up until you tell me what happened to change you.
RAY: (turns to Jason and yells) You want to know whatís changed me Jason? How about the fact that less than a year ago I had both of my legs and I was just a month shy of starting the last year of my residency at County. Now look at me! I have to put my legs on each morning when I get up and take them off every night before I go to bed. I had to buy a dumb van with hand controls. When I walk I canít feel my feet hit the ground and Iím constantly worried Iím going to fall on my ass. Do you want me to continue?
JASON: (yells back) Ok man; ok I get it. Life dealt you a shitty hand but itís not like youíre confined to a wheelchair anymore. You can walk. You can drive. Hell man, youíre standing here alive instead taking a dirt nap six feet under. I donít know about you but I think thatís a damn miracle; so stop feeling sorry for yourself and be grateful for what you have.

Saying nothing Ray walks over and puts his empty coffee cup in the sink. He then silently walks out of the kitchen; down the hall and into the guest room. He slams the door. Jason stands in the kitchen shaking his head as he runs his fingers through his sleep rumpled hair
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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyTue Jan 22, 2008 9:43 pm

Back on the plane, Wendy is sound asleep as Neela is reading one of the in-flight magazines trying to distract her self from thinking of Ray and what happened between them last night. After her attempts fail, she unbuckles her lap belt and walks back to the bathroom. Once inside, she splashes cold water in her face then looks at her reflection in the tiny mirror. She hadnít slept a wink; tossing and turning the whole night as she unsuccessfully tried to block out images of Ray. She closes her eyes and she can still feel his lips and tongue as they hungrily devoured hers. The feel of her fingers running through his silky brown hair and the musky scent of his cologne infiltrate her senses. Neelaís body starts to quiver in response to her intimate visions and she has to splash more cold water in her face. After getting her emotions under control, she exits the bathroom and walks back to her seat. She carefully maneuvers past a still- sleeping Wendy and sits down. She rifles through her carry-on bag for her MP3 player and head-phones. She reclines back and closes her eyes as the music begins. After a while, she finally begins to relax. A few minutes later a song comes on that she had forgotten she had down-loaded and the familiar melody brings a choked sob to her throat. She closes her eyes and she hears Ray sing of love and hope to her; as a lone tear trickles down her cheek.
Back in Baton Rouge, Ray is laying on his bed listening to music; as he stares up at the crack in the ceiling. The cd changer clicks and the next cd starts. Ray recognizes it as the cd he had burned for Neela. He grabs the remote laying next to him and fast forwards to track 12. Ray rests his hands behind his head as he hears himself sing about love and hope. As he closes his eyes, visions of Neela float through his mind and a lone tear trickles down his face.

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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyWed Jan 23, 2008 3:56 am

Thanks for sharing the story----everyone, also feel free to discuss Ray/Neela here in terms of eps, new fan vids, etc. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 3:11 am

I know it has been a while since u last updated this, but can u please update it soon?? IT IS FABULOUS and I REALLY WANT TO READ MORE!!! great job sem1973!
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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyThu Aug 28, 2008 1:08 pm

I agree, this is brilliant! I'm hoping your reela spirit has come back full force and you can update this Smile

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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyThu Aug 28, 2008 5:17 pm

First of all I want to thank you both for your positive comments. I'm glad you enjoyed what I wrote. I wish I could finish it but unfortunately the well of inspiration had run dry for that story. I have a real problem of starting stories but then not being able to finish them. I come up with one idea but then I end up changing it several times. I'm my own worst critic unfortuntately. My inspirations are also affected by the spoilers as I try to have my stories correspond with what is actually happening on the show.

I would try and come up with a quick ending to this one but it wouldn't do it justice so unfortunately it will have to remain as is. With the current spoilers, I'm wanting Neela to move down to Baton Rouge rather than have Ray move back to Chicago.

I hope you are not too mad at me. Sad

GO REELA! cheers cheers cheers

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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptyThu Aug 28, 2008 6:15 pm

No not at all - it was a well written story that got us hooked! - I look forward to reading more from you soon Smile
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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptySun Nov 02, 2008 4:58 pm

Brilliant story!! Hope to read more soon!
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PostSubject: Re: My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING   My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING EmptySun Nov 02, 2008 5:33 pm

cant wait to read more sem
Please post more soon!
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My Reela fan fic- A CHANCE MEETING
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