Save Reela!
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Save Reela!

An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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Hmm, I was thinking about this, if Ray's only episodes are technically haunted and the other one, not sure, you never know, the writers could pull a fast one on us and let ray return again, we'll see....however, if its just those two episodes, neela better be lucky that she doesnt actually SEE ray and this supposed new girl he is seeing, if they were around each other and this was happening, oh crap, look out, that's going to send neela overboard and crazy jealous, just like that katey thing know...jealously is hurtful but it can just the thing to get you to open your eyes and realize, you dont want another girl with your man yeah...wake up neela, its time! i'll enjoy the roomie phone calls/emails/texts until ray returns but you know what, its time....reela needs to finally get together..ray admitted his true feelings, now it's neela's turn....sooner she does that, the sooner she'll have ray with her and not out with another woman..... Very Happy we've never even had a real hot meaty scene with them except for the kiss but wow, that was fireworks bounce
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