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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2

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PostSubject: The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2   The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 EmptySat Nov 08, 2008 8:17 am

Neela came to and realized that she was lying on a bed in sutures. She looked over and saw one of the new ER interns, Daria, sitting by her bedside, going over some charts. When the young woman looked up and saw that Neela was awake, she smiled at her and walked over to the bed.

"How are you feeling, Dr. Rasgotra?"

"What happened? I was walking into the trauma room for a consult and the next thing I know, I'm waking up here."

"You passed out in the doorway of the room. Dr. Banfield had Dr. Morris, and Chuny check you out. We are running some tests now to see what is going on."

"I need to get up and check on my patients."

"No, you don't" Dr Banfield's voice came from the doorway. "Dr. Dubenko has sent Crenshaw down her for consults and he said until we know for sure what is wrong, you are to stay in that bed."

"Dr. Banfield..."

"We mean it, Dr. Rasgotra. Stay there at least until we get the test results."

"I have a pretty good idea what's wrong with me, all those are going to do is confirm my suspicions."

Dr. Banfield realized what she was saying and turned to Daria, who also understood just what Neela was implying. She had a stern look on her face that showed she meant what she was about to say.

"Dr. Wade, go out and help clear the board, and when those test results come in, make sure they are brought to me. You are also not to say a word to anybody as to what is going on in this room. It is up to Dr. Rasgotra to tell whoever she wants to about what is going on with her."

"Yes, Dr. Banfield," Daria said, before she walked out of the room and let the door close behind her.

"Is it Dr. Brenner's?"

"No! I have slept with him but that was in May and it was the worst mistake of my life."

"Okay, just checking. He is very anxious to get in here to see you and I wondered if the two of you might be seeing each other."

"No. I have been involved in a long distance relationship for the past two months with someone that used to work here."

"Not that fine looking man that was with you Halloween? I think Morris said his name was Ray Barnett and that he was doing a residency in PMNR in Baton Rouge."

"That's him," Neela said, smiling softly at the thought of him. "It's a long story and a painful one, so I won't bother you with the details."

"Well Morris called him and told him what happened, so I have a feeling you will see him again real soon."

Neela groaned at the thought of how panicked Ray was going to be as the door to sutures opened. Daria stepped in, closing it behind her but not before giving the person that was trying to follow her into the room a dirty look.

"Here are the test results, Dr. Banfield. Somebody might need to deal with Dr. Brenner, he just tried to get into here and it was everything I could to stop him."

"Tell me what they say and then I will deal with him myself. It's time I dealt with him and let him know that whatever he wants from me isn't going to happen," Neela said, in a tone of voice that was completely unlike her.

Dr. Banfield looked at the results and didn't say a word, just handed the paper to her. She smiled when she saw what it said and gently touched a hand to her stomach.

"Let Brenner in here, Dr. Wade so I can talk to him. After our conversation is over, may I go back to work?"

"I think you need to go upstairs and make an appointment with OB, let Dr. Dubenko know what is going on and then go home to get some rest. Oh and call your boyfriend to tell him the good news before he wrecks his car trying to get here to you," Dr. Banfield said. "Congratulations, Dr. Rasgotra."

"Thank you, Dr. Banfield." Neela said, as she sat up in the bed.

Daria and Cate left the room right as Brenner walked into the room with a concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay, Neela? All of us have been very worried about you and it was everything we could do to convince Gates to go back to work. They left me out here to make sure you were okay and Dr. Banfield wouldn't let anybody else in the room."

"I'm fine, Simon. We need to talk about something important."

"Okay," he said, with a curious look on his face as he sat down in a chair that was near the bed.

"You have to stop hitting on me, you know I'm with Ray and nothing is going to happen between us, so that needs to stop and I don't need the stress. I'm getting ready to tell you something and it is to stay between the two of us. I am going to need help for the next few months and too many other people here know me. It will be all over the hospital and I don't want that. The only people that will know what is going on with me will be Dr. Banfield and Daria because they treated me and I know they won't say a word, Lucien, because he is my boss, Ray because this affects him too and you. I swear, Simon, if you tell anybody what I am about to tell you, I will let Dr. Banfield kick your ass and we both know she can do it."

"I promise," he said, now genuinely curious as to what is going on with her.

She handed him the paper with the test results on it and his face turned pale with shock.

"You will have to go to Northwestern or Mercy to keep it from getting around the hospital."

"I plan to. There is an doctor that I met at a conference last year, who is one of the best in the country. I'm going to call and make an appointment with her as soon as I go home and I call Ray."

"Anything you need to help me do to keep this secret, I will do it."

"Thank you. Now, will you hand me my shoes so I can get out of here?"

Simon handed them to her, watched her put them on before she got up from the bed and went out the door to sutures. He felt a pang in his heart as he realized that his goal of making their quick, akward shag into something more important was never going to happen. She was having a baby with another man and was completely happy about it. All he could was help her keep it a secret for however long she needed him to and say goodbye when she most and likely joined Ray in Baton Rouge.

Five minutes later, Neela was in Dubenko's office and watching the emotions cross her boss and mentor's face after she told him her news. She had always suspected that he still had feelings for her but she hoped that Lucien was happy for her.

"Congratulations, Neela. Simon moves quickly, doesn't he?"

"The baby is not Simon's, Lucien."

"Then who?"

"Do you remember when Ray came back on Halloween?"

"Dr. Barnett? Are you planning on joining him in Baton Rouge?"

"Most and likely but I want to talk to him first and see what he says. It could be in Washington DC because of his work with injured soldiers and veterans," she paused for a minute, as if she was trying to gather her thoughts. "Lucien, I need you to do me a favor and not say a word to anybody else about my pregnancy."

"I won't, Neela. I want you to go home for the rest of day and get some rest."

"Dr. Banfield has already told me to do that when she got the results."

"Okay. So I can assume you aren't going to make an appointment at County?"

"No. I'm going to call Elena Ramirez at Mercy. She is one of the best in the country and if I can't go to Dr. Coburn, she is my second choice."

"Good luck, Neela and let me know if you need anything."

"Thank you, Lucien."

She went into the locker room and got her things before she left the hospital to go home. As she got on the El., her phone started to ring. Neela smiled when she saw it was Ray and answered it, prepared to hear him panicking.

"Are you okay? Morris said that you passed out in one of the trauma rooms. What's wrong?"

"Calm down, Ray. Where are you at?"

"I went home to pack a bag as soon as Morris told me an hour ago and I have been on the road about thirty minutes Why?"

"I'll tell you what is going on with me and if you still want to come here, it is up to you. If you do, I will see you tonight."


"I'm pregnant."

"What?" he said, in shock at what she had just told him.

"I don't know the due date yet because I am going to make an appointment over at Mercy so I can keep the news of my pregnancy away from County's gossips. I have told Lucien and Simon knows, they are keeping it quiet."

"How the hell did that idiot Brenner find out?"

"I told him in an attempt to get him to stop hitting on me. He has agreed to back off and is offering to help out in anyway he can. How long can you stay once you get here?"

"They are letting me stay over the holidays but I have to be back by January 3rd. I called and told my mom what was going on, can I call and tell her that she is going to be a grandmother?"

"Yes, you can."

"I'll see you about midnight. I'll use the key to your apartment that you sent me and let myself in, just in case you are asleep."

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

They each hung up the phone, smiling at the thought of their baby as she went down to the El to go home and he continued to drive towards Chicago.

AN: Next chapter, Ray and Neela will spend the holidays together and with their friends at County. In upcoming chapters, Neela meets with her OB for the first time and it seems she has a past with Dr. Brenner. What will happen the first time Elena and Simon see each other again? What happened to them in the past? Two of her coworkers figure out Neela's secret as well.
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The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2   The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 EmptySat Nov 08, 2008 9:32 am

I love what i'm reading, if only that'd come true! i think roomie fans hearts would stop lol! but i think if i see neela finally telling ray her feelings and they end up together, that'll happen as well because its been long awaited and i just want to hear her say it and for ray to know it
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The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2   The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 EmptySat Nov 08, 2008 7:38 pm

OMG.. love it!!.. Hehe.. I could so see this happening.. Would love Neela to have Rays babies! *squeee* lol.. Great work!
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PostSubject: Re: The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2   The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 EmptySat Nov 08, 2008 7:55 pm

Great Job. I LOVE IT!!!

U know, this would be absolutely "doable" and believeable if this happened for real in ER. In the next eppy Shane's in, Reela can finally get together and sleep together (maybe it could be all Reela centered or mostly to allow enough time for Neela to say "I love u" and them to haev sex). SO if that eppy ended with them makin love, the next few eppys Neela could be in Chicago trying to make a long distance relationship work and find out she's pregnant. Then she tells Ray and they decide they have to be together instead of far apart. So, Neela moves to BR! And Shane doesn't necessarily have 2 b present for all that to take place. Or he could just do a little appearance like Luke did in "The Book of Abby".

I would love something like this to happen b/c even though we won't be able to see a Reela baby atleast we'll know they'll be one. And i think it is totally believeable. (and with everything the writers have put us through, they owe us.)
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The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2   The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2 Empty

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The Night That Changed Everything-Part 2
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