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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 Ray quotes I wrote (Sem1973)

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PostSubject: Ray quotes I wrote (Sem1973)   Ray quotes I wrote (Sem1973) EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 10:28 pm

As I am in an angsty mood right now, I wrote some various things I would have Ray say to Neela should he ever see her again. I'll warn you, they match my angsty mood.

RAY: Donít sweat it Neela. Time passesÖthings changeÖpeople changeÖlife goes on and that whole thing. Itís no big deal; really.

RAY: Youíre problem Neela is that you expect love to be like some damn fairytale; with prince charming, riding off into the sunset, living happily ever after and all that mumbo jumbo. The thing is that fairytales are not real Neela.

RAY: Iím not saying Iím an expert on love by a long a shot Neela but I know that if you keep living in Never Never Land, youíll never be satisfied. No real man should be expected to live up to such an unrealistic ideal.

RAY: You donít have to worry Neela. Iím not going to pursue you anymore so you can just relax. I got the message loud and clear; your silence spoke volumes. Iím through playing the fool.

RAY: You barely made any contact with me while I was gone and now you expect to be able to just pick up where we left off like the past year never happened? I donít think so Neela.

RAY: You know it was my fault for ever believing that a woman like you could love a man like me. I guess upper-class Brits just arenít meant to mix with lower-class southern boys.

RAY: You know its ironic Neela. In the past you had no qualms about voicing your disapproval of my player lifestyle but then you end up with a guy like Gates and now this Dr. Brenner who has the whole Casanova thing down to a science. Itís interesting; I would never have pegged you as a hypocrite Neela.

RAY: Do you think I planned to fall in love with you Neela? Do you think I like knowing that no matter what I did, I would never be good enough for you?

RAY: I tell you that Iíve fallen in love with you and you say nothing. Yet you expect me to be the one to make the next move? I donít know what world you live in Neela but I live in one thatís based in reality.

RAY: You say that you still have feelings for me after all this time huh? Well then prove it Neela because Iím tired of your empty promises and redundant excuses.

RAY: If you donít know the answer by now; I sure as hell am not going to try and explain it to you.

RAY: I know Iíve made my share of mistakes in the past where woman are concerned but I never once treated you like some random bar chick Neela so donít even go there.

RAY: The only reason youíre so upset Neela is because Iím no longer there at your beck and call. I donít want to be someone you just take out and play with whenever youíre bored or lonely Neela. I refuse to be your consolation prize.

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Ray quotes I wrote (Sem1973)
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