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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 Some old Parminder articles mentioning Reela

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Some old Parminder articles mentioning Reela Empty
PostSubject: Some old Parminder articles mentioning Reela   Some old Parminder articles mentioning Reela EmptyMon Feb 02, 2009 1:03 am

I thought it would be nice to go back in time and basically post any pre-Ray leaving the show quotes from articles featuring Neela/Ray.

Parminder in OK Magazine:

Q: What's your most exciting discovery?
A: I was bored in my trailer one day, and I thought, " Hmmm. I've never had a ringtone." Shane and I went to our trailers to pick out ringtones. He chose Magnum PI, I chose Beyonce's Irreplaceable.

Q:You've shared screen kisses with Shane West & John Stamos-Who's better?
A: All my castmates want to know that! They were both special in their own way [laughs]. John and his stubble gave me a rash. With Shane, it was more gentle and smooth. The funniest moment was directly after kissing Shane, we were eating Chinese food and drinking coffee. Then we shot more kissing scenes; we had mints on hand!

Parminder in TVGuide: What about the wild-card crush that Ray has on her? Does that come out soon?

Nagra: Ray has always been there in the background for Neela. A lot of people desperately want those two to be together. But I think we've got a few more years to go, I think we're going to torture people for a little bit longer. Even I don't know. These writers are like the hands of god. Like, "Oh, why don't we put this character over here now and see what happens." Who knows? They might put you with Archie.

Nagra: [Laughs] I think Neela would definitely have gone insane and must seriously be grieving if she ended up with Archie Morris. I think Ray is a funny one, he's definitely a wild card and that's being played out in the stuff we've been filming recently. God knows where it ends up.
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Some old Parminder articles mentioning Reela
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