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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 Chapter 2 Fan Fic.

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Chapter 2 Fan Fic. Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2 Fan Fic.   Chapter 2 Fan Fic. EmptyWed Feb 04, 2009 9:09 pm

Idea. Chapter 2.

Itís 6 am, Neelaís alarm wakes her up. She gets up to take a shower and decides to call Ray.

Ray: Hello?
Neela: Hey stranger.
Ray(smiling): Hey roomie, surprised you called.
Ray: Because itís always me calling you, you never call me.
Neela: Well I thought Iíd do it differently this time.
Ray: Thatís not like the Neela I know but I like it.
Neela: Well Iím not the same girl you knew before seeing me last October.
Neela: Some things have changed.
Ray: Like what?
Neela: Like Iím taking control of my life and not going to use the ďI donít know what to doĒ line as I always have in the past.
Ray: Really?
Neela: Really..Seeing you only made things progress even further along than have before you arrived.
Ray:Iím surprised, you seemed different back in halloween but I wasnít sure how different.
Neela: I was and still changing.
Neela: RayÖ
Ray: Neela?
Neela: I wanted you to stay that night, not just because I wanted you to, I NEEDED you to.
Ray: Oh?
Neela: You see, seeing you only made me realize how much I missed you.
Neela: I always took you and our friendship for granted in the past.
Neela: Iím not going to do that anymore.
Neela: See when I could tell your feelings for me changed into more than friendship, It scared me.
Ray: Why?
Neela: Because I didnít want to lose what we already had.
Neela: I feared if I went any further with you, itíd damage our friendship.
Neela: So I turned to Tony because of losing Michael and because I was confused on my feelings for you.
Neela: When you finally told me how you felt after your accident, I wasnít so surprised but heartbroken because I knew yet again, I messed up and wasnít sure if youíd forgive me.
Ray: Neela, youíre my best friend, we may fight but Iíll always care for you.
Neela: Same here Ray.
Ray: Is that all?
Neela: No but I need to get in the shower.
Ray: Weíll talk later.
Neela(Choked up): Bye Ray.
Ray: Neela whatís wrong?
Neela: Nothing, Talk to you later.
Ray: See Neela, you always say youíre okay when its clear youíre NOT!
Neela(hanging up): Call you later.

Neela walks into her bathroom, gets in the shower thinking of Ray. She thought to herself,ĒHow do I come out and say how I feel?Ē Neelaís fear of rejection was far greater than anything now and took baby steps in coming up with just the right wording to tell Ray. Neela ends up at a coffee place to grab coffee before work and bumps into Morris.

Archie: Good morning
Neela: Morning.
Archie: You okay?
Neela: Yeah, was talking to Ray.
Archie: Howís that going?
Neela: Itís going okay.
Archie: Neela, when are you EVER going to open up to Ray?
Neela: What do you mean?
Archie: You two are extremely close, how come you canít just say how you feel?
Neela: Itís not that simple.
Archie: Yes it is, you just have to be honest.
Archie: Donít make it complicated, just tell Ray whatís on your mind.
Neela: I just donít know how to word it.
Archie: Youíll figure it out.
Archie: Everyone is rooting for you and Ray to finally get it right.
Neela(Pulling out money to pay for her coffee): Well I have to get going.
Archie: Itís on me.
Archie: You on today?
Neela: Yeah, I have a long day.
Archie: Iíll be in later.
Neela: Bye.

Walking into the hospital, Neela sees Simon walking in. Hoping he doesnít see her but he stops her.

Simon: Hey Neela.
Neela: Hi.
Simon: We still on for tonight?
Neela: Simon, Weíre not together.
Simon: I thought you were just angry.
Neela: No I meant what I said, weíre not a couple.
Neela: I got too much going on to deal with another meaningless fling like I had with Tony.
Simon: You dated Tony Gates?
Neela: Yes, thereís a lot you donít know about me.
Neela: Itíd take a long time to catch you up too.
Simon: I want you to stay Neela.
Neela: Iím not staying in Chicago.
Simon: Then I can come with you.
Neela: I need a fresh start away from county.
Neela: From everyone.
Simon: Just not Ray right?
Neela: What is your problem? What do you have against Ray?
Simon: He doesnít even live here anymore and youíre always talking about him.
Neela: I donít even know how I even managed to like you.
Simon: Whatís that mean?
Neela: It means..LEAVE ME ALONE!
Neela: I donít want to be with you.
Neela: My life isnít here and itís certainly NOT with you!
Simon: Oh but itís with Ray?
Neela:(Walking off): Bugger off!

Taking the elevator up to the surgical floor, Neelaís phone vibrates, Taking out her cell phone, she sees has a text from RayÖI miss you it says. She texts him back saying, I miss you too.
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Chapter 2 Fan Fic.
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