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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 Couples that remain/got together in ER land

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Couples that remain/got together in ER land Empty
PostSubject: Couples that remain/got together in ER land   Couples that remain/got together in ER land EmptyTue May 18, 2010 11:16 pm

[b]Doug & Carol - I never saw them as an EPIC love story but perhaps to some they are, since they have two girls together.

Abby & Luka - These two I really love, both come from a troubled past but I always believed they'd reunite one day & it was even better when they put a baby in the mix. I'm glad they remained together, got married and had a son Joe together. Smile Throughout all all of their troubles, they always were together again..

Neela & Ray - You have no idea how much I love that fact that they're together, that Neela finally went to Ray, her true feelings for ray really were shown in the last season. I think it took way too long to get them to finally, I grew too impatient to see them finally be a couple and don't get me wrong, I love that they finally did but I still feel cheated & would love more. To me, I always see these two as a great match, they always got each other & how Ray fell for Neela for first, so cute. I still wonder, when was the moment Neela had feelings for Ray too but this pair made me so frustrated, you have no idea! I know I love them greatly but never again will I get that invested in a pair, especially if it takes them years to put them together.

Peter & Cleo - These two were a nice pair and I'm glad they ended up staying together.

Carter & Kem - The finale made them to be separated, so are they really together or not? I would say YES but they didn't really go further with explaining that.

Archie & Claudia - A very nice couple but I would of loved it if they brought Claudia in sooner rather than later, perhaps in season 14 but none the less, they are a great pair, just not enough time to really develop them but they have a nice spark together, like a spark like REELA has.

Unless I'm missing one, I think thats all the couples that got together and stayed together, I would name others who've dated over the years but its not actual couples.

I know a pair that I would of LOVED to remain a couple, its not that fact they broke up, someone died.

Mark & Elizabeth, BEAUTIFUL pair... Crying or Very sad
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Couples that remain/got together in ER land
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