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An effort to ensure that Ray/Neela are together at the series finale of ER
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 The Night That Changed Everything-Part 4

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PostSubject: The Night That Changed Everything-Part 4   The Night That Changed Everything-Part 4 EmptyTue Nov 18, 2008 3:58 am

Simon looked at the furious woman in front of him, feeling the stink in his jaw from where she had hit him. Her dark eyes were sparkling with the rage she was feeling and he felt a sense of dread because he knew one of the worst mistakes he had ever made in his life was about to come back to haunt him.

"What are you doing here, Elena?" he asked, quietly so everybody in the bar wouldn't hear what was happening. Elena, apparently didn't care as much as he did who heard what she had to say to him.

"I could ask you the same thing, you sorry son of a bitch and knowing your mother the way I do, I mean that literally!"

Ray, Neela, Gates and Sam all cringed at her words and could see the anger start to come over Brenner's face. This whole confrontation was about to get ugly unless someone did something about it.

"Don't talk about my mum that way!"

Ray slowly got up with the others right behind him and went over to where they were at. Gates got a hold of Brenner and he and Ray led him out the door of Ike's while Sam and Neela got a hold of Elena and took her to the ladies room. When they got there, Elena let off a stream of profanity that made both women that were with her blush.

"Elena, what did he do to you? Why are you so angry with him?"

"I met that jackass five years ago while I was doing a fellowship at a hospital in Sydney. He seduced me and right when he got what he wanted from me, he dumped me for the daughter of the hospital's Chief of Staff."

A look of realization came over Neela's face and her dark eyes went wide with shock. She turned to face Elena and took a deep breath before she voiced the questions that were going through her mind.

"Five years ago, that means.... Is Nathan his son?"


"Wait a minute. Who's Nathan?" Sam asked, confused about what was going on.

"Elena has a four year old son. He has her skin color, and hair but it is very curly and he has blue eyes."

"Oh my God. Simon Brenner has a son!" Sam exclaimed.

"No! He's my son and that womanizing jackass is never going find out about Nathan."


"No, Neela. I don't want that man anywhere near my child!"

"Okay, I won't say anything to him. You are going to have to learn to deal with Simon though. When Ray isn't here, he has promised to take me to my doctor's appointments when my pregnancy gets further along."

"What! How can you trust that pig, Neela?"

"Now that I am having a baby with Ray, he has backed off on trying to get me to sleep with him again."

"You slept with him!" She sounded jealous and Neela gave her a curious look for a minute before telling her what had happened between her and Simon.

"I had a moment where I used the worst possible judgment and I ended up sleeping with him. I now regret that it happened and have told him that it would never happen again." Neela paused for a second. "By the way, why are you here on Christmas Day and not spending time with Nathan."

"He is with my parents, spending time with them and, as you know, I don't get along with them, so I came here to get away from them before I go and pick him up in an hour."

All three women continued to talk, not realizing that Ray and Tony were hearing a totally different version of what had happened from Simon.

Simon was raging mad, pacing up and down the sidewalk, fighting not to go back inside the bar and tell Elena just what he thought of her. Ray and Gates watched him, curious about just what type of relationship did Elena and Simon have and what caused her to smack him the way she had.

"How dare she act like the injured party!" Simon then slammed his fist into a brick wall, crying out in pain as he did it.

"What the hell are you doing?" Both Ray and Gates called out as they walked over to where Simon was holding his fist, grimacing in pain.

"You stupid idiot, what the hell were you thinking?" Gates asked, examining Brenner's hand.

"He wasn't thinking, Gates. He is pissed off and not thinking clearly. What the hell was that all about?"

"That is none of your business." Simon shot back at him, wincing in pain as Gates continued to check his hand.

"Oh yes it is. I'm, against my better judgment, trusting you to help Neela out until the baby is born. You better start talking or I will find somebody else to help her out," Ray stated, with a fierce intensity.

"Elena and I met five years ago at the hospital where I did my residency in Sydney. I fell in love with her and I, like a bloody idiot, thought she fell in love with me. That was until I saw her in the arms of another doctor, ironically after the first time we made love. So I, to get back at her for breaking my heart, started to date the Chief Of Staff's daughter, who I knew she hated with a passion. After that I never trusted another woman again and I end things with her before I can get my heart broken, even if I have to be cruel to do it. So now you know why I'm so angry at her for acting like I was the one who broke her heart."

"Come on, I'll take you to the ER and get your hand put into a cast. Ray, tell Sam where I am at."


Ray walked back inside of Ike's while Tony and Simon went back down the road to County.

A few hours later, Ray and Neela were at her apartment, sitting on the sofa and talking about what had happened that day. Neela had a stunned look on her face as she listened to Ray tell her what Simon had told him and Tony about his version of what happened between him and Elena.

"There's something not right here, Ray because she told me that he dumped her right after he slept with her."

"I don't know him as well as you but when someone is furious enough to slam his fist into a wall, I have a tendency to believe them." He caressed her cheek softly before he started to speak again. "I think you might need to find somebody else to take you to your appointments when you get further along instead of Brenner. There might be a homicide if you put him and Elena in the same room together."

"No, I think I'm going to find out the truth about what happened with them. There is a little boy who doesn't know his father because of what happened between them and for his sake, somebody needs to find out the truth."

"Okay but I want you to back off if your little quest puts our child at risk."

They shared a tender kiss that quickly turned passionate, losing themselves in each other.

AN: In the next chapters, more will be revealed about Simon and Elena's past and what really happened to break them up five years ago as Sam and Neela decide to find out the truth. Neela will have her first doctor's appointment, with Ray at her side and Daria's little crush on Tony will start to cause problems between him and Sam.
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The Night That Changed Everything-Part 4
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